Farm-to-Table Dinners with Green Thicket Farms


Gardening, farming and cooking is something most farms do, but none do it quite like Green Thicket Farms in Springfield, Missouri.  This quaint meadow homestead neighbors with Millsap Farms – famous for their pizza nights – and in the spirit of most farmsteads, the two farm-to-table organizations enjoy an amicable relationship.

I had the pleasure of meeting Caleb and Klaire, the owners and caretakers of Green Thicket, one fateful day – Celine told me to give them a call, and a week later I found my way out to the farm which is a short ride on 65 North.  I was greeted with smiling faces and warm welcomes.


Farm-to-Table Dinners @ Green Thicket Farms

Claire and Caleb host farm-to-table dinner nights which can hold up to 16 guests, and the menu tends to be a mystery for the dinner guests!  They have been known to have everything from quail to lamb to rabbit and/or pork at the table, and though no one knows what Caleb will be cooking up, he must be a fantastic chef – all the dinners are booked two months out!



But don’t let that dissuade you, you can always call or schedule a farm-to-table dinner night by ordering tickets with them hereor you can give them a call at (417) 593-2335.

BONUS If that isn’t good enough for ya, the GTF dinners boast 5 courses (6 with a bread course) and are less than half the cost of a typical farm-to-table dinner, which can run you around $90 to $100 a ticket!  If you ask me, the sooner you get yourself a seat, the better – the dinners aren’t available from November to March!


Products Sold and Delivered by GTF

Aside from gardening, raising animals and cooking for guests on their idyllic slice of the countryside, they also sell the following:

Chicken eggs,

Quail eggs,


lamb meat,

dairy products,

rabbit meat,

chicken meat,

quail meat,

veal calves and

pork meat,

and then deliver it to your house, for FREE, on Mondays and Wednesdays!  GTF is an uh-mazing place to go and see exactly WHERE your meals come from.  The animals from the farm are processed at an FDA certified facility before Caleb delivers them to your door.

Does it get any better than that?  Why yes, yes it does…

Le Tour of Le Green Thicket Farm

Caleb and Claire were incredibly gracious and courteous – and they happily gave me a tour of their thicket!  Apparently, this is a service they provide for their dinner guests, so if you get yourself a farm-to-table dinner ticket, you can also take in the sights and sounds of this peaceful farm!  With Caleb in his boots, Claire in her tennies and I in my flats, we set out exploring! Our first stop was visiting the quails – there were so cute and small, and I imagine, delicious.



Many of them are kept with the rabbits in a shed – the bunnies were so tiny!

Next we stopped by to see the goats.  Surprisingly, one of them was named Rambo – which is the name I gave my ram as a child.  I didn’t actually have a ram, my grandma had a farm and every time a new animal was born, my sisters and I would take turns naming the newborns.

We then made it over to the free-range chickens – apparently, they move all the animals around on the farm periodically for the animals and for the benefit of the land.

We finally made it over to the cows and sheep – I thought it was quite funny that, though some of the animals were skittish, they all seemed to love Caleb, and followed him around like they were his furry children!

As they took me around and introduced me to all their fur-babies, the house was the last thing which caught my eye.  This pastoral home was built in 1921 – out of curiosity, I asked if it was haunted or not, to which they both replied, “We hope not!”

Caleb and Klaire are two amazing people – happily married, passionate about organic and pasteurized food, totally against those silly marketing gimmicks we often find on food labels, and absolutely love what they do.  If you are interested in checking out their farm, even just to bring the kiddos out to romp around, be sure to contact them!


Green Thicket Farm Deets




Phone:  (417) 593-2335.

Address:  1008 E Farm Rd 54, Springfield, MO 65803


Let’s have dinner at GTF Springfield!