Gourmet Farm-to-Table with Windswept Farms


If you are into farm-to-table delights, then you need to edumacate yourself on locally owned and operated Windswept Farms.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Aaron Brooks who is the executive chef of this pastoral estate and catch up after a whirlwind of a summer!

I first met Aaron on the set of Ozarks Live for a now annual We & Company event.  While on set, he created a lovely burger from Irish Dexter beef, grilled to perfection and garnished with bone marrow butter.  I can still remember the smell of it on the grill…..

Some of you may have heard of 417 Burger and Beer Wars – It’s an annual event that takes place in the summer and is not only designed to elevate local chefs in the Ozarks to the International stage but also to celebrate the camaraderie between the local breweries here and around town.

Aaron Brooks was one such chef who entered the competition, and Windswept Farms was our main sponsor during the VIP night which took place before the main event.  And let me just say the food was awesome – and it should be.  Windswept farms use everything on their farm, and what they don’t have they source locally-grown meat and veggies.  And their Irish Dexters are something to behold.

About Windswept Farms & Their Farm-To-Table Fare

What Are Irish Dexters?

Chef Aaron’s Signature Beef Carpaccio

Irish Dexters are a smaller breed of cow which take longer to mature than other breeds and are naturally high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  The meat from an Irish Dexter is typically more tender due to the smaller muscle fibers and grass-fed flavor.  It is, by far, Aaron’s favorite beef to work with in the kitchen!  Those who’d like to taste it for themselves can find it at the local farmer’s market on C-Street most Saturday mornings.

While the farm is primarily focused on raising their Irish Dexters, they also have raised garden beds which they tend to during the growing season.  Aaron is their executive chef, and his specialty is making art out of everyday cuisine.

While his forte is handmade pastas, he also has a flare for seasonal dishes.  Things such as pumpkin pie ravioli with caramel liqueur in the fall and making his own lavender-infused sauces in the summer is part of his unique style.

Apple Dumpling with Lavender-Infused Caramel Sauce

Windswept Farms is also a growing event center.  In the spring and summer months, they have an open-air dining hall that can seat significantly more than the winter months (of which they can usually seat around 30).  Individuals, families, and businesses can book the center for weddings, birthday, reunions, anniversaries and holidays.  They are planning something special for Valentine’s day, so stay posted for that!

A New Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the Future?

One of the things Aaron would love to see is a Windswept Farm-to-Table Restaurant in the future with an emphasis on the Irish Dexter beef.  For now, they host several tastings out at the farm, which is located in Willard.  Aaron himself is a private chef which can be convenient for those wanting an intimate 5-star dinner during holidays without needing to fight the crowds.  If you are interested in getting a hold of Aaron for private events or catering, or in checking out Windswept Farms, check out the information below!

Windswept Farm Information

Location:  2844 N Farm Rd 89, Willard, MO 65781

Contact: (417) 343-0352

Website:  Click here.

Aaron Brooks Private Chef

Contact: (417) 619-5758

Website: Click here.