Lynne Lee – Boss Ma’am of THE UPS Stores


THE UPS Stores with Lynne Lee!

While we love writing about boss babes, there’s one particular woman who’d rather be called a boss ma’am, and that’s no other than Mrs. Lynne Lee, owner of THE UPS Stores here in town.  She is the franchise owner of four of the well-known shipping and printing stores – three are right here in Springfield, Mo.!  Here are their locations:

334 E. Kearney Street, Springfield, Mo.

610 E. Battlefield, Springfield, Mo.

1325 W. Sunshine Street, Springfield, Mo.

When I first met Lynne Lee, I was at a local business networking event we both frequented back in 2017.  She was friendly, funny, and a whole lot of people at said networking event held her in very high regards.  The more I got to know her, the more I respected her as well and the more I realized her business and ethics was solid and trustworthy.

About Boss Ma’am, Lynne Lee

This mom of three now-grown children had work experience in banking before deciding to raise her children (when they were small) full-time – a household CEO if you will.  Her eldest son was working at one of The UPS Stores when the owners mentioned to him that they were looking to sell their business.  He nudged his parents who looked at the business model, crunched some numbers and eventually bought over the franchise.

Eventually, the other stores popped up for sale and the rest was history!  When her main store manager left to start his own business, that’s when she rolled up her sleeves and assumed the role of boss ma’am. 

“Once you understand it, you enjoy the challenge.”  Lynne said.  “My husband is gone alot, I am not busy with grandbabies and I needed something to do!”  I get you Lynne…I get you…

Keep in mind, THE UPS stores is not the same as big brown who drives around (AKA the United States Postal Service or UPS for short).  Nope!  THE (emphasis on the “THE”) UPS stores focuses on many other things such as printing, printing business cards, shipping, graphic design and so much more.  In fact, THE UPS stores is the official printer for WeDames!  Honestly, I love their stores – especially the one located at 600 E. Battlefield.  Some days, I practically live there….just ask Tifani.  She is uh-mazing.

Who Can THE UPS Stores in Springfield, Mo. Help?

The niche of THE Ups stores is home/small to medium-sized business owners who lack the professional machines and equipment needed to produce their marketing supplies.  Things such as brochures, custom fliers, notarization, shredded papers, over-night letters and more are but a few of the many wonderful services they offer.

One of the things I personally love about THE UPS stores is their 1st class customer services.  Not only is all the staff I met helpful and grateful, but they let me email them soft copies of what I need printed, and all I do after that is walk in, pay and pick up my prints.

There was even this one occasion whereby I came in and there was a huge line.  Tifani motioned for me to pick up my stuff, gave me a wink and said she would charge me the next time I was in!

Keep in mind, I don’t think they do this with everyone.  But when they see my face as often as they do, they knew I’d be back.  And they were right!

One of the other really cool things about Lynne Lee is how she works with the staff.  She loves offering jobs to people who need them.  She even goes so far as to work with them, train them, and this includes giving people second chances.

In essence, Lynne Lee is awesome, and so are her chains of THE UPS Stores.  Should you need any of the following, give them a call or pop in:

Business card design,

Business card printing,




Booth signs,



Flier design,


Passport Services,


House accounts (great for businesses who mail tons of things every week),

And, of course, P.O. Box accounts,

In short, Lynne Lee is one of my favorite boss ma’ams, and her staff mirrors her excellence in their day-to-day affairs! Check out her stores in Springfield, Mo. – I may bump into you there!