Hobbies and Other Fun Things to Do in Springfield, MO.


Having a hobby isn’t just about filling in your free time – hobbies are a great way to relieve stress while discovering fun things to do in Springfield, MO.  Whether that be mountain biking, cooking or even sewing, there are hobbies for introverts, extroverts and even ambiverts.


As humans, we have a need to grow and explore new things.  My older sister has discovered the art of investing in crypto-currencies, and while I love her and am happy she found an awesome hobby which has made her additional income on the side, every time I see her she is always saying something about the market.  “Geez Jackie – can’t we just talk about boys?”


My boyfriend has a knack for gardening and does an especially excellent job with peppers, tomatoes, and berries.  My mother loves sewing, I am a fan of sketching, drawing, and painting.  The point is this – find something you like and continue doing it!  You never know where it might take you!


Interesting Hobbies and Fun Things to Do in Springfield, MO.

Canning and Food Preservation

Canning is a safe method of preserving your food, but it must be done correctly!  There are several places around Springfield, MO. which teaches willing students how to do this properly.  All you have to do is google “Food canning and preservation classes Springfield, MO.,” and a plethora of options will be at your fingertips!


Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration is a great way of getting extra mileage out of that old furniture of yours.  One of the best parts of living in the information age, at least in my opinion, is there are tons of tutorials on google and YouTube.  You can start on your own furniture and eventually make it into a business if you wanted!


DIY Projects in Springfield, MO.

Whether you are looking to create holiday decorations, jewelry, staining your hardwood floors or trying your hand at landscaping, there is no end to the amount of DIY projects you can indulge in.  Peruse through Hobby Lobby and see what catches your eye – it may be the beginning of a beautiful hobby!


Home Brewing in Springfield, MO.

Whether you’re into beer or wine, Show Me Brewing is a local business dedicated to supporting people in making their own adult beverages.  They even let customers use their own equipment to brew their own wine or beer.  Don’t worry, their master craftsmen will happily guide you through the process.



Here is another hobby which is great for a wide-variety of people.  I have a dear friend who crafts his own canoes in his garage, and my boyfriend who has become well-adept at sanding and refinishing furniture.  Either way, it appears to reduce stress AND you often end up with an awesome finished product.  Maybe I’ll get into pallets….hmmm…


Become a Master BBQer

Becoming a Master BBQer takes time and patience.  Luckily for us residing in Springfield, MO., we have a little place called Pits and Grills.  Not only do they sell BBQ grills, pits, and accessories, but they also have BBQ classes which support people in becoming a grill master.  Who wouldn’t like that?


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Make the Shooting Range a Regular Thing

I have a friend named TJ who is the founder of All About Guns – it’s a gun shop located in the Plaza Shopping Center on Glenstone and Sunshine.  Not only does he host beginner classes, but he is a wealth of knowledge of some of the best shooting ranges in and around Springfield, MO.


Learn to Sew

Sewing is a great hobby regardless of the season – you can quilt outside on your porch during a warm summer night or get all cozy by the fire in the winter.  Quilt Sampler, also located at the Plaza Shopping Center on Glenstone and Sunshine in Springfield, MO., hosts sewing classes regularly.  Whether you are looking to sew on a machine or by hand, Quilt Sampler has you covered!


Learn About Investing

My sister has become the queen of crypto in my family.  Completely self-taught, she is now averaging a 40% return every two to three months.  Sure, there are higher returns out there, but she doesn’t get too risky.  Just remember to be safe – the market shouldn’t be a vice for you to gamble your life savings away!



The Ozark’s food harvest, big brothers and big sisters, habitat for humanity, the convoy of hope, harmony house, crosslines food pantry, and even the food kitchen is always looking for volunteers.  Sometimes we are most fulfilled when giving our time and compassion to others!


Start a Business

Whether you have a full-time job or not, starting your own business is a great hobby.  However, I highly recommend keeping your consistent income before quitting your job for a career as an interpretive dancer.  Do it on the side and let it grow naturally – when the time is right, you will know!



The Springfield Pottery Studio hosts classes for those interested in taking up the delicate art of clay.  The best part is they have kids’ classes and even summer camps which inspires your child’s creativity.  And hey!  They also have classes for adults.


Stand-up Comedy and Improv in Springfield, MO.

Try your hand as a standup comedian at the Blue Room Comedy Club!  Whether you have graced a few stages in your day or are trying it out for the first time, check out The Blue Rooms Open Mic Night and try your hand at comedy!


Rock Climbing in Springfield, MO.

Located in Springfield, MO., Zenith Climbing hosts a myriad of different walls for those with all skill levels.  In fact, there is no age limit, no skill required, and they even have classes for novie to experienced climbers.  It is definitely something to add to your list of fun things to do in Springfield, MO.



Trivia is fun, and it is even better over a pint with friends!  With tons of places around Springfield, MO hosting trivia nights regularly, why not set up your own trivia group and hit up the different locales around our queen city?  Everywhere from Patton Alley Pub, Dublin’s Pass, Finnegan’s Wake, The Flea, Galloway Station and more all host their own trivia nights.  Check it out and start a team!


Start Gardening in Springfield, MO.

With the birth of the information age came a slew of online tutorials and how-to’s.  Whether you have a green thumb in your family you can learn from or are more technologically savvy, starting your own garden is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.  Plus, it’s always nice to save yourself a trip to the grocery store.  Just waltz into your backyard instead and grab yourself some tomatoes!


Things to do in springfield, mo. near me springfield mo hobbies pottery home brewing microbrewery rock climbing zenith blue room comedy club trivia wedames gardening volunteering sewing

Become a Local Foodie

This is a favorite pastime in my family – we love visiting new restaurants and trying out their fare.  Everything from Thai, Indian, Jamaican and even Dutch restaurants have popped up in and around Springfield, MO.  Pick a new place each week and give it a go!  Maybe you’ll find that one restaurant you become a regular at because their tom yum soup is to die for!


While there are tons of other hobbies you can take up, my personal suggestion is to stick to one or two for a while until you have mastered a certain level of competency within the subject.  Except for being a foodie – that one requires you go and eat at different places.  Just be sure you check the menu and ask your server should you have any food allergies or questions!


Wishing you happy hobby hunting!