Our Story

We&Co. is in the business of bringing business to local businesses.  We matchmake organizations and professionals with their ideal referral partners in small groups of 5-10 professionals. These co-ops are called “Huddles,” and are designed to develop and grow local businesses.

We&Co Vision:

To increase the quality of business in and around Springfield, Mo. by stimulating the local economy via our community of trustworthy businesses and their respective dealings.

How It All Started

We&Co. originally started as WeDames in 2016.  The original goal was to create professional events designed by women for women but soon, the direction changed.  The events became larger and started including men and women.  One thing led to another (which led to a long-overdue rebrand) and We&Co. was born.

The idea and practice of business networking, while made official around the late 1970’s, is as old as commerce itself.  Our meetings consist of a highly-focused and efficient group of referral partners who meet twice a month for an hour.  During the meeting, members cover subjects such as industry trends, cornering their segment of the market, addressing any organizational challenges all while passing business to each other.  In essence, these co-ops are a hybrid between business networking and masterminding.  We call these smaller co-ops “Huddles.”

In short, we specialize in finding the right professionals from specific industries and putting them into synergistic packs where they grow professionally and organizationally. These “Huddles” showcase industries such as

financial services,
health & wellness,
residential/commercial construction,
marketing and so on.

The best part about all of this is that it is automated and trackable. We utilized a local software company named ModusOpus to track attendance, referrals, and goals in each “Huddle.” This has been eye-opening because we can see which “Huddles” are performing well and which “Huddles” need a little TLC.  It’s a real-time case-study for tracking success and growth among members.

It has been a journey. Whether a business wants their “Huddle” to be conducted over zoom or in a small conference room, we can and do make it happen. Our passion is and always will be living, loving, and growing local businesses.